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Valet Central Vacuum Systems is the number one choice for ducted vacuum systems. With superior power and efficiency and a model to suit suit every home and all floor types, Valet central vacuum systems keep the noise and dust outside the house where it belongs.

Valet Central Vacuum Systems

At the heart of every Valet power unit is our unique range of highly efficient, long life motors which deliver consistent vacuum power to every corner of your home. 

Valet’s range of central vacuum systems compliment the design and construction of today’s contemporary homes. 

Each Valet Ducted System is specifically chosen to suit both the size and style of your home with a wide range of floor tools and brushes to suit your floor coverings.

With the power unit out of sight outside the home you can plug your hose into one of several inlet valves discreetly positioned throughout your home. With the lightweight 9 metre flexible hose provided, an average home needs about 3 inlets to provide 100% coverage of all floors, curtains and corners.

We can design the optimum system for your living space. Just think, no more dragging a portable vacuum cleaner around the house, no more recycled vacuumed air pouring out and back inside your home and no more wondering where the suction power has gone. Contact us and let a Valet Ducted system change the way you clean forever!